This range of apitherapy products is produced in New Zealand by Nelson Apiaries

Formed in 1973, Nelson Apiaries Ltd is a family owned business operated by Philip and Evelyn Cropp. Philip’s grandfather started producing honey from hives in the Nelson area on a part time basis over 100 years ago. Over the past 25 years the company has grown substantially and has diversified into the natural health market, specialising now in the increasingly popular Manuka honey, bee venom and other apitherapy products.

Based in the upper Motupiko Valley, Nelson Apiaries, in conjunction with it’s sister company Rainbow, now has approximately 8,000 hives sited throughout the Nelson and West Coast areas of the South Island of New Zealand. Placed in the pristine bush and forests of this beautiful part of New Zealand, the hives produce a variety of natural honeys free from insecticide or other agricultural sprays.

Nelson Honey UK Limited and Nelson Apiaries NZ are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in its apitherapy products and to adding value to the health benefits of honey. Find out more about our Queen Breeding program to Reduce Varroa Mites.

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About Nelson Honey