Using Manuka Honey to Treat Pressure Sores

Pressure Sore

A pressure ulcer (or pressure sore) is an area of skin that breaks down when you stay in one position for too long without shifting your weight. This often happens if you use a wheelchair or are bedridden. A pressure sore can appear even after a short period of time, such as after surgery or an injury. The constant pressure against the skin reduces the blood supply to that area, and the affected tissue dies. Millions of people suffer from pressure sores each year.

Researchers have evaluated the effectiveness of Manuka honey dressing for healing pressure sores. They selected 68 patients for the study. Fifteen patients with 25 pressure sores were treated with Manuka honey dressings. Eleven patients with 25 pressure sores were treated with ethoxy-diaminoacridine plus nitrofurazone dressings, a standard treatment for pressure sores. Both groups were statistically similar regarding baseline and wound characteristics. Wound healing was assessed weekly using the PUSH tool, a standardized method designed to evaluated pressure sores.

After 5 weeks of treatment, patients who were treated with Manuka honey had significantly better PUSH-tool scores than subjects treated with the ethoxy-diaminoacridine plus nitrofurazone dressings. The researchers concluded by week 5, PUSH tool scores showed that healing among subjects using the Manuka honey dressing was approximately 4 times the rate of healing in the comparison group. The use of a Manuka honey dressing is effective and practical.